My personal view on the death penalty based on today’s The Daily Post Wordpress page

I do not have today the Bible verses to back me up. So I will just state my thoughts on the death penalty or at least what the proper interpretation should be.
The Daily Post Word Press says one thing that caught my attention. I am paraphrasing.
Would you even promote the death penalty if you risked being wrong.
My answer to that is if there is any doubt whatsoever that a person is guilty of killing someone. Then they should not be convicted of such a crime. Yes that could mean bad people might run the streets but at the same time if there is doubt you risk being wrong.
My view on the death penalty is simple. If someone killed someone because they hated them or any premeditated reason then they should pay with their life if for no other reason than to make the statement to people you do this this is what will happen to you.
Having said that what about self defense. What if someone is trying to kill you and you kill them instead.
Or what if you kill someone by accident for one reason or another.
Well again I don’t have Bible references for this. But in the times of Israel when this sort of thing happened whether you killed accidentally or in self defense a city of refuge was there for you to go too. You had to stay there though for your own safety because if the family members of the person you accidentally killed wished to kil
you and you left the city you would be unprotected.
Killing another human being is never good no matter the reason. It always has consequences.
I can give you one verse. After the flood in Genesis Chapter 9 it says. If man shed man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed.
This is in Genesis chapter 9 if you wish to read it.
I personally believe if there isn’t proof that someone killed someone then one has no right convicting them of the crime.
If there is no doubt whatsoever that they did it. Then they need to be dealt with.
If it was accidental in one way or another then refuge should be provided for their safety/protection until it is sure that they will be safe.


About me

Hello. If you wish to know anything about me visit the pages listed on my blog such as my brief story, a bit more about me and such.
Thank you.

God’s sense of humour?

This was actually something I posted to a class I take part in online. I thought I would post it here too. As really this blog is not so much post on a whim. Eventually I want it to be more Bible than current events. Or more importantly what I want it to be is the Bible mixed in with every day life events. I am not sure I am saying this right. But that is my desire.
Maybe a response to the dailypost wordpress challenge and then another focused on the daily Bible study I did or maybe just like this one things God shows me in His wonderful perfect timing. Only He could release such a nice little bop on the head and not have it hurt too much.

And sorry for the old English spelling of our vs or on certain words. It just is the way I spell my words. Always have.
Anyway. I took a nap this afternoon. And I dreamt of a song that wow I haven’t heard in years and I mean years.
Soemtimes I should just wait and let the Lord give me the words to say because I could have added this to my earlier post to assure you guys I truly to believe in grace. I don’t believe in salvation by works. Although I do believe saved men and women should do good works but I believe it is proof that they are indeed saved.
Anyway I wish I could sing this for you. and I only remember the chorus.
His grace is sufficient for me
His love is abundant and free
Oh what joy fills my soul just to know just to know
That His grace is sufficient for me.

I am serious I know have haven’t sung that song for at least twenty years if not longer. And I definitely haven’t heard it sung in that period of time.
It is like this Iranian pastor that I am still praying for although the Lord has given me peace about him. I still pray for him and his family.
Sunday I was in church and I had this melody going through my head just out of the blue. Our church sings different words to it. But I believe the Lord or maybe myself cut off its memory because to remember the words of that song would aggrevate me.
I was sitting there in church sunday morning waiting for our brief beginning of the day message before Sunday school and I was humming the tune. All of a sudden I grabbed my iphone opened up mantis bible study opened up the hymnal module and looked up Am I a soldier of the Cross.
Read the words wanted to throw the phone across the room bu instead bowed my head and prayed.
I still wasn’t comforted because I know what the Lord was telling me to realize. So I picked up the phone again. flicked my finger across the screen again and had those words being read to me again. Again I wanted to fling the phone across the room and cry out. Again I just bowed my head and prayed.
It was like that all day Sunday. In the afternoon I downloaded some songs by Steve Green. I just let them play in order. and the first two songs were.
Broken and Spilled Out. And
I am crucified with Christ.
The third I believe was find us Faithful. You can imagine by this time how aggrevated I was. I couldn’t find anything about the pastor and how he was online. I just kept getting bombarded by songs in church and out of our duty as Christians and how sometimes we may suffer and we are actually called to suffer and I was upset. I was crying.
And finally the Lord calmed my heart and my spirit. And I was able to smile. Even after dropping my iphone on the floor and cracking its screen grrrr. I think it will be ok as long as I don’t drop it too many times again. I don’t have money for a new one right now. But in all of what happened yesterday. I still know nothing about this pastor. But really either God has a sense of humour although it may be a bit dry. Or He is reopening some things to me that He either shut for a while. Or I might have shut for a while.
Either way people. If you aren’t going to church currently. Please find one and go. The Scriptures say we shouldn’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together. I am one reason. Or what happened to me is just proof to me of one reason why. We need that fellowship if for nothing more than to keep us stable and keep us focused on Christ. Even if we don’t talk much to those around us. Just being there with fellow believers helps. It really does. So please don’t forsake that. At the same time find a good Bible believing church. Don’t go to one that twists God’s word or call things good that are not according to God’s word. Find one that is truly teaching God’s word as it should be taught. And grow there.
Take care everyone.
I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live. Jesus Christ now lives in me.

Regarding my earlier post

regarding my post earlier on this subject. I was reminded of a thing that for me that should be done in moderation. That I completely forgot about. It was interesting how I was reminded of it.
Some things should be done in moderation and there is completely good reasons for that. In this case it was I ate too much and caused myself to get very sleepy. I know better than to do that. But from time to time I simply forget or I am really hungry or something tastes so good I just forget.
So yes. As I said some things should be done in moderation.

How Should One Live Life?

Based on
Today’s topic from the dailypost wordpress blog is basically how should we or how do we live our lives.
More specifically it was asking the question should we do all things in moderation.
It went further on to say or should it be an all or nothing type of life on how we live what decision we make. So on and so forth.
I am of course paraphrasing.
I personally believe that there are some things that should be done in moderation, there are some things that shouldn’t be touched at all unless you know what your doing. And there are some things when you should give you all (put all your energy) into something for one reason or another.
For me I tend to be on give my all on something or just leave it alone. There are things I do do in moderation but for me that is more the exception than the rule.
To me things are black and white with some grey spots here and there. But very rarely to grey spots come up for me. There are absolutes. And I live my life upon those absolutes no matter what anyone thinks says or does.
I think each of us needs to decide for ourselves what guidelines we will run our lives by. If our own then I think that is sad. Or if by the One Who created us then things will work out in time. And we will understand in time.
I don’t understand everything that happens to me or why. But I can say this of a certain. I would rather live my life by God’s rules than by my own. I think that personally moderation needs to be defined by God’s words and not our own. Same with all or nothing.
I know some of this probably sounds a bit silly to many who read this. But believe me when you live your life in the One Who made you you find that nothing can even come close to
anything the world can offer you. And you may find too that moderation yes sometimes is needed in certain areas. But it becomes more the exception than the rule.
I am tired today so forgive me that this is lacking in Bible references. This post was more on personal experience than Bible verses/statements.

National Novel Writing Month

I may actually take part this November. I am usually more about quality than i am quantity. However this may help release some penned up emotions inside me right now. So I may just do it to try to the 50 thousand words to have a goal to work toward. But mostly to release things inside of me that need to be released and usually I find the only way for me to do that a lot of the time is to write.

Fivebooks that have influenced me the most.

The Bible because it is the Word of God and has all we need in it to learn who we are, who God is and how we can know God.

The Chronicles of Narnia I really like because although they have mythology in them they allegorize some Biblical truths.

Pilgrim’s Progress has always been a favorite of mine as it shows what happens realistically in a christian’s life as they travel the path to the City of God.

Books by Peter Putnam about the Seeing Eye as it shows that blind people can succeed especially with their Seeing Eye dogs.

The Golden Filly Series by Loraine Snelling as they show courage and faith among other things although tragedy hits a family really hard. They are taught how to trust in God through it all and their faith holds them together even at points when they are nearly falling apart.