I will be attempting nanowrimo this year and here is why.

This post is my thoughts on the post at the dailypost site.
It asks some questions. And I would just like to answer them from my viewpoint.
If you wish to read the actual post go here.

Does writing impromptu help me to write more or less?

I personally finding that writing impromtu helps me to write more. It gets my mind active and when I am not tied to rules I tend to write more freely. Of course as the post at the dailypost blog states this also can reduce the quality of the writing.

When I am forced to write does my quality suffer?

First I want to say that I am probably not the best of writers out there. So to question my quality of writing when I am trying to write so many words is well kind of silly I suppose. However I can safely say when I write freestyle I make more sense because I am releasing my thoughts onto the paper as they are in my head and this helps me vent and let things go and not bottle everything up inside. When I am stuck to a bunch of grammar rules and such I don’t get this same affect and more often than not my writing suffers when I tie myself to rules and guidelines.

Do I believe my writing can improve by participating in the nanowrimo writing challenge?

I personally believe it can. I have been participating in the post a day challenge from the dailypost blog now for a few days and I can safely say it helps me to learn to write better so that people can understand me better. It helps me to think about what I am writing before I write it down and thus my thoughts come out at least more clearly than normal. I still have a long way to go and whatever happens if I ever get near to having something published for money I will definitely need an editor to go over it. But challenges help us to focus. They help us to keep focused.

What is my personal view about nanowrimo’s views on writing a novel of fifty thousand words in November?

Well honestly. Their saying you will write a lot of crap I believe is true for a few reasons. When you write impromptu you often times don’t really think about what your writing. YOu just write it and let it develop as it goes. For me I have found I write best this way. For me I probably won’t produce as much “crap” as other people might. But it is just my style of writing. Now where I will mess up is in the research. What were the prisons like in AD 80 of 90 or such? What were the living conditions like? What was the economy like?

It is important to me to have as factual info as I can when I am writing anything.

Will I be participating in nanowrimo in November of this year?
Most definitely yes. If for no other reason than I have had a story in my mind for years that I would like to at least get a rough draft down. I can always go back and edit and redo certain scenes later and make it as historically accurate as possible. I think if one has the right perspective nanowrimo can be a good thing. I don’t think the goal is winning though. They may think it is. I am just participating for the challenge. I don’t really care whether I win or not. I am doing it to have fun to improve on my writing and to just be me. My nanowrimo blog is public and can be read here. And I don’t really care whether people take ideas from me or not as I will most likely never publish what I write anyway.


One Comment on “I will be attempting nanowrimo this year and here is why.”

  1. Interesting points!
    And by the way good luck! 🙂 I’m going to participate too this year.

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