Electricity VS Internet

Ok. This is today’s dailypost question. Or another one.
It asks if you could do without one which would it be and why?
Silly in my opinion because you can’t have one without the other. Even if you have a computer that was battery powered you would still have to charge that battery by some means to get the internet.
The post also mentioned Steve Jobs passing which I had no clue had happened. I don’t watch the news as often as I should.
I believe that Steve Jobs did and allowed many great things. I have access to stuff today that I would have never had access to if not for apple. Whether Steve Jobs personally is the reason for this I don’t know. But I am greatful to him if he was. And of course always to apple.
Apple did something no other company has yet done completely. They made their products completely totally accessible to everyone including the blind. There are cell phones that talk. But none of them are like the iphone. Not a one. And kindle still can’t beat the iphone with the ibooks app as far as blind people are concerned. I know a person who has a kindle who is blind. They say it is ok. But they much prefer ibboks app through apple. HOwever they do use their kindle. But from how they described it to me I was like bleh. Not fully accessible. Not interested. The iphone does that a lot better. Unless amazon gets their kindle completely accessible like the iphone I will never buy one. I like complete total functionality / accessibility. Not half way. If apple can do it so can any other company.


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