My personal view on the death penalty based on today’s The Daily Post WordPress page

I do not have today the Bible verses to back me up. So I will just state my thoughts on the death penalty or at least what the proper interpretation should be.
The Daily Post Word Press says one thing that caught my attention. I am paraphrasing.
Would you even promote the death penalty if you risked being wrong.
My answer to that is if there is any doubt whatsoever that a person is guilty of killing someone. Then they should not be convicted of such a crime. Yes that could mean bad people might run the streets but at the same time if there is doubt you risk being wrong.
My view on the death penalty is simple. If someone killed someone because they hated them or any premeditated reason then they should pay with their life if for no other reason than to make the statement to people you do this this is what will happen to you.
Having said that what about self defense. What if someone is trying to kill you and you kill them instead.
Or what if you kill someone by accident for one reason or another.
Well again I don’t have Bible references for this. But in the times of Israel when this sort of thing happened whether you killed accidentally or in self defense a city of refuge was there for you to go too. You had to stay there though for your own safety because if the family members of the person you accidentally killed wished to kil
you and you left the city you would be unprotected.
Killing another human being is never good no matter the reason. It always has consequences.
I can give you one verse. After the flood in Genesis Chapter 9 it says. If man shed man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed.
This is in Genesis chapter 9 if you wish to read it.
I personally believe if there isn’t proof that someone killed someone then one has no right convicting them of the crime.
If there is no doubt whatsoever that they did it. Then they need to be dealt with.
If it was accidental in one way or another then refuge should be provided for their safety/protection until it is sure that they will be safe.

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