How Should One Live Life?

Based on
Today’s topic from the dailypost wordpress blog is basically how should we or how do we live our lives.
More specifically it was asking the question should we do all things in moderation.
It went further on to say or should it be an all or nothing type of life on how we live what decision we make. So on and so forth.
I am of course paraphrasing.
I personally believe that there are some things that should be done in moderation, there are some things that shouldn’t be touched at all unless you know what your doing. And there are some things when you should give you all (put all your energy) into something for one reason or another.
For me I tend to be on give my all on something or just leave it alone. There are things I do do in moderation but for me that is more the exception than the rule.
To me things are black and white with some grey spots here and there. But very rarely to grey spots come up for me. There are absolutes. And I live my life upon those absolutes no matter what anyone thinks says or does.
I think each of us needs to decide for ourselves what guidelines we will run our lives by. If our own then I think that is sad. Or if by the One Who created us then things will work out in time. And we will understand in time.
I don’t understand everything that happens to me or why. But I can say this of a certain. I would rather live my life by God’s rules than by my own. I think that personally moderation needs to be defined by God’s words and not our own. Same with all or nothing.
I know some of this probably sounds a bit silly to many who read this. But believe me when you live your life in the One Who made you you find that nothing can even come close to
anything the world can offer you. And you may find too that moderation yes sometimes is needed in certain areas. But it becomes more the exception than the rule.
I am tired today so forgive me that this is lacking in Bible references. This post was more on personal experience than Bible verses/statements.

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