God’s sense of humour?

This was actually something I posted to a class I take part in online. I thought I would post it here too. As really this blog is not so much post on a whim. Eventually I want it to be more Bible than current events. Or more importantly what I want it to be is the Bible mixed in with every day life events. I am not sure I am saying this right. But that is my desire.
Maybe a response to the dailypost wordpress challenge and then another focused on the daily Bible study I did or maybe just like this one things God shows me in His wonderful perfect timing. Only He could release such a nice little bop on the head and not have it hurt too much.

And sorry for the old English spelling of our vs or on certain words. It just is the way I spell my words. Always have.
Anyway. I took a nap this afternoon. And I dreamt of a song that wow I haven’t heard in years and I mean years.
Soemtimes I should just wait and let the Lord give me the words to say because I could have added this to my earlier post to assure you guys I truly to believe in grace. I don’t believe in salvation by works. Although I do believe saved men and women should do good works but I believe it is proof that they are indeed saved.
Anyway I wish I could sing this for you. and I only remember the chorus.
His grace is sufficient for me
His love is abundant and free
Oh what joy fills my soul just to know just to know
That His grace is sufficient for me.

I am serious I know have haven’t sung that song for at least twenty years if not longer. And I definitely haven’t heard it sung in that period of time.
It is like this Iranian pastor that I am still praying for although the Lord has given me peace about him. I still pray for him and his family.
Sunday I was in church and I had this melody going through my head just out of the blue. Our church sings different words to it. But I believe the Lord or maybe myself cut off its memory because to remember the words of that song would aggrevate me.
I was sitting there in church sunday morning waiting for our brief beginning of the day message before Sunday school and I was humming the tune. All of a sudden I grabbed my iphone opened up mantis bible study opened up the hymnal module and looked up Am I a soldier of the Cross.
Read the words wanted to throw the phone across the room bu instead bowed my head and prayed.
I still wasn’t comforted because I know what the Lord was telling me to realize. So I picked up the phone again. flicked my finger across the screen again and had those words being read to me again. Again I wanted to fling the phone across the room and cry out. Again I just bowed my head and prayed.
It was like that all day Sunday. In the afternoon I downloaded some songs by Steve Green. I just let them play in order. and the first two songs were.
Broken and Spilled Out. And
I am crucified with Christ.
The third I believe was find us Faithful. You can imagine by this time how aggrevated I was. I couldn’t find anything about the pastor and how he was online. I just kept getting bombarded by songs in church and out of our duty as Christians and how sometimes we may suffer and we are actually called to suffer and I was upset. I was crying.
And finally the Lord calmed my heart and my spirit. And I was able to smile. Even after dropping my iphone on the floor and cracking its screen grrrr. I think it will be ok as long as I don’t drop it too many times again. I don’t have money for a new one right now. But in all of what happened yesterday. I still know nothing about this pastor. But really either God has a sense of humour although it may be a bit dry. Or He is reopening some things to me that He either shut for a while. Or I might have shut for a while.
Either way people. If you aren’t going to church currently. Please find one and go. The Scriptures say we shouldn’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together. I am one reason. Or what happened to me is just proof to me of one reason why. We need that fellowship if for nothing more than to keep us stable and keep us focused on Christ. Even if we don’t talk much to those around us. Just being there with fellow believers helps. It really does. So please don’t forsake that. At the same time find a good Bible believing church. Don’t go to one that twists God’s word or call things good that are not according to God’s word. Find one that is truly teaching God’s word as it should be taught. And grow there.
Take care everyone.
I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live. Jesus Christ now lives in me.

2 Comments on “God’s sense of humour?”

  1. Ha ha ha h… God makes me laugh all the time. I mean seriosuly , look at all the goofy looking animals he put on this earth!!!!!! and *hug*

  2. yiskalyn says:

    Yes. Although truthfully I can’t say I have ever seen any of the goofy animals. Although sometimes I read their descriptions through wikipedia or other sites and yes sometimes maybe He did create those animals in question to make us laugh. You take care of yourself.

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